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Nurturing Self-Worth: Empowering Mums With Crystals For Daily Renewal

For mothers, a big part of your journey into self care is stacked on a foundation of accepting and embracing your own self-worth. In this blog post, guest blogger Dannielle McAuliffe from Pure Magical Creations is teaching us how weaving the energy of crystals into your daily routine, can help you build a deeper sense of self-acceptance and appreciation. Grab yourself a herbal tea, take a much needed five minute self care break, and let's get into it!

Nurturing Self-Worth: Empowering Moms With Crystals For Daily Renewal  |  Eat Nourish Glow
Nurturing Self-Worth: Empowering Moms With Crystals For Daily Renewal | Eat Nourish Glow

Motherhood is a joyful journey, but amidst the responsibilities of nurturing young children, it's common for a mother's sense of self-worth to take a back seat. Today, want to share with you the significance of self-worth for mums, and help you discover the transformative power of crystals your daily routine. Come learn how to use specific crystals to nurture and strengthen your sense of self-worth.

The Significance of Self-Worth for Mums

Self-worth forms the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. It involves recognising your value, embracing self-acceptance, and fostering a positive self-image. For mothers with young children, acknowledging and nurturing self-worth is vital for emotional well-being and effective parenting.

Why Self-worth Matters

1. Emotional Health: Nurturing self-worth positively affects a mother’s emotional health. Having a healthy self-worth provides emotional resilience, enabling you to manage stress better maintain a positive mindset and handle difficulties more effectively.

2. Parenting and Boundaries: A mum with a strong sense of self-worth is better equipped to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, both for herself and her children. Understanding her own worth helps in modelling and teaching respectful behaviours, setting appropriate limits, and fostering healthy relationships.

3. Personal Fulfillment: Prioritising a family’s needs above your own will diminish your self worth. When you are able to recognise self-worth, you will pursue personal fulfillment and self-care. When you value yourself, it benefits you, your mental health and happiness.

Harnessing Crystals For Self-Worth

Harnessing Crystals For Self-Worth |  Eat Nourish Glow
Harnessing Crystals For Self-Worth | Eat Nourish Glow

Crystals can serve as invaluable companions on your journey to self-worth, providing support, healing energies, and encouragement. Here are specific crystals and how to incorporate them into your daily self-care routine:



The Stone of Inner Peace: Amethyst's calming energy aids in finding emotional balance, reducing stress, and fostering a clear mind. This emotional stability allows for a clearer perspective on oneself, supporting a healthy sense of self-worth.


The Stone of Confidence and Abundance: Citrine's vibrant energy encourages optimism and self-assurance. It supports a positive self-image, helping individuals recognize and appreciate their worthiness.


The Purifying Crystal: Selenite's purifying properties help cleanse negative thoughts, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs. This purification process creates mental clarity and supports a positive self-view.

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Daily Routine: Crystals For Self-Worth

Create a loving daily self care routine by incorporating the healing power of crystals to gently nurture and encourage profound feelings of self-worth and love. Here's how to get started:

Morning Affirmations

Hold your amethyst during a few minutes of deep breathing or meditation. Visualise its calming energy enveloping you, promoting inner peace. Hold it while speaking positive affirmations about your self-worth, setting intentions for the day ahead.

Workspace Presence

Keep citrine on your desk or in your workspace, allowing its energy to remind you of your intrinsic value and capabilities. Whenever self-doubt arises, hold the crystal and affirm positive statements about your worth and capabilities

Evening Reflection

Spend a few minutes in quiet reflection, holding your selenite and acknowledging moments where you honoured your self-worth during the day. Pass the selenite over your body, visualising it clearing away any negative thoughts or feelings that hinder your self-worth.

As a mum, your journey toward nurturing your own self-worth is a beautiful and empowering process. By integrating the supportive energy of crystals into your daily routine, you can foster a deeper sense of self-acceptance and appreciation. Embrace the healing energies of these crystals and allow them to be guiding companions on your path to rediscovering your inherent worth amidst the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Guest Blogger, Self Care With Crystals

Phoebe Rogers, The Relationship Space
Dannielle McAuliffe is the owner at Purely Magical Creations. Her mission is to share and inspire women to reconnect with their inner selves through the power of crystals and the mystical healing properties they provide. Her macramé art provides the perfect canvas to express their energy and essence.
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