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Helping Mums Turn Their Hot Mess Into Weight Loss Success

Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could be that mum who strikes a balance between motherhood chaos and her own self needs? The reality is that for many of us modern mums, we're juggling so many balls in the air we don't even know what day it is, let alone what our own needs even are. I know this dance well, because I've lived it. And that's why I am here today with something I think all stressed out mums can relate to and will want to hear. Let's get into it...

Helping Mums Turn Their Hot Mess Into Weight Loss Success  | Eat Nourish Glow
Helping Mums Turn Their Hot Mess Into Weight Loss Success | Eat Nourish Glow

You're A Hot Mess, I'm A Hot Mess

Well I used to be, so I get it. You run a big (or small) family, kids going in five different directions at any given time. The household is a constant mess even though you’re constantly tidying up every day. All this never ending hustle bustle stresses you out, but there's no time to recharge. You've got a business to run, job to keep up, and commitments that leave you running ragged. You're constantly pulled in so many directions leaving you feeling scattered, dizzy and like a tattered rag doll by the end of most days.

All of this motherhood chaos has you grabbing food on the go, if at all. You're stress eating on the regular, often before bed, and there's no time or energy left over to give to your health and fitness. The weight fluctuations, hit and miss dieting, lack of regular exercise, and struggle to eat right has you spinning on a hot mess merry-go-round you just can't seem to jump off.

Until now...

Hello, I am Emma Lisa, I'm a mum to five kids (two with special needs, one with ADHD) I know all about household messes, mealtime fussiness, the kiddie zoomies, as well as ASD meltdowns, and the anxiety of it all!

I know what its like to feel like when every day is Ground Hog Day; rinse, repeat. You can feel the years slipping by, and see the strain its all having on how you look and feel. You keep saying you'll do something about it all, but let's be honest, that merry-go-round is spinning so damn fast all its all you can do to just hold on!!

You don’t have the time or energy for intense workouts, long hours of meal prep in the kitchen, calorie counting or tracking every little morsel. You can’t even duck in the loo for a minute without being followed or some kiddie disaster striking. All you want is to just feel that sparkle within yourself again, and healthy, not be another chore to add to the mountain!

I'm so glad you relate...

I've been where you are right now, and I know how discouraging it can feel to try going to fitness classes, a new diet or the latest lose-weight-fast shake program, only fail a few weeks later. Your plate it so full, you just can’t seem to sustain anything new, and the constant stress of mum life has you sabotaging any wins with too much wine, binge watching Netflix, and stress eating just find a moment of inner calm.

Well, not any more, sweet mama!

Healthy was never meant to be a struggle. You really can find balance in motherhood, and take back your health again--even as an overwhelmed mum, hustling entrepreneur, and Jill-of-all-trades to all you little (or big) humans. It begins with scaling back to basics, tweaking your daily habits, and using a practical, no-fuss approach to achieving balance again. And I'd love to teach it you!!

Join my “Healthy Habits Lab” program perfect for hot mess mums.

All the hard work has been eliminated! No dieting. No carb or calorie counting. No fussing over meal prep, long winded workouts or the pressure to keep up. The Healthy Habits Lab is stress relief at the click of a button. Just imagine, in less than 40 days you could learn exactly how to stop that chaotic runaway mama stress train, and best of all, what to do to fix it!

What Is The Healthy Habits Lab?

I'm so glad your curiosity is peaked. From one stressed mum to another, I knew something had to change. That's why I researched secrets of positive change and created the Healthy Habits Lab to help women just like you, take back control in their lives, and start kicking some serious goals.

If you're better at breaking habits than sticking to them, this was made for you! Stating your very first week on The Healthy Habits Lab, I'll teach you the secret to making goals and habits with staying power! I'll guide you through my super simple framework that is proven to create quick, positive change and in tiny, micro bites. The Healthy Habits Lab program is purposefully designed to provide the quick access tools, resources, and guidance you need to quickly achieve your goals and totally transform your Life!

You'll have 24/7 access to the online Healthy Habits Lab portal, so you can focus a few minutes on yourself in the middle of the night while nursing baby. You can log on from the park while the kids play and do something just for you in under 5 minutes that can redirect your entire day.

We're also on Facebook (where we’re all hanging out anyway). In our exclusive Healthy Habits Lab group, you can chat in real-time for support. Get answers to your burning questions from the Practitioner every day and on Messenger chat. Post unlimited questions from the school pick up line. Ask about nutrition labels and healthy swaps in real-time right from the shops. You'll learn how to top yourself up, fit exercise in, eat healthier on the go, how to avoid that afternoon slump, ditch sugar and so much more!

And the best part...

You’ll even have your very own Health Practitioner make “house calls” once a week with 30-minute faceless check-ins calls. Answer in your PJs and a messy bun (she will be too) and get answers to help you plan your week ahead that actually fits into your hectic lifestyle (with minimal effort). You’ll hang up with a heap of simple solutions to bulletproof your goals for the week (no matter what kiddie nightmares unfold)!

Now if you're screaming in your head, OMG I so need something like this! Be quick and enrol now. The July intake of Healthy Habits Lab is filling up and I'd love to help reduce your stress in the next month by having you join us!!

Healthy + happiness,

Emma Lisa xx


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