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Launched! The 7 Day Fat-Burning Smoothie Recipe Book (3 Reasons Why You'll Want It)

So, its kinda the norm to launch another meal plan in the Eat Nourish Glow digi-verse...but I still like to make a big deal out of it because every plan the 7 Day Fat-burning Smoothie book has so many health benefits to those looking to find balance and improve their eating habits. This one in particular is chock-a-block full of densely nutritious, fat-burning smoothie recipes that are all nutritionally based on wholefood goodness.

Launched! The 7 Day Fat-Burning Smoothie Recipe Book (3 Reasons Why You Want It)  |  Eat Nourish Glow
Launched! The 7 Day Fat-Burning Smoothie Recipe Book (3 Reasons Why You Want It) | Eat Nourish Glow

So, truth bomb💣.. I've spent countless hours in my nutrition clinic working with women (and the odd fella) to help undo all the detrimental misconceptions of what going "healthy" and losing weight really looks like.

And no, it is not going on mad diets, MLM shake programs or taking fat blockers. And its definitely not about forcing yourself on a keto diet to lose the weight that took months or even years to gain. Those gimmicks don't work well for most people. In fact, these things are a recipe for yoyo-weight gain, disordered eating habits and rebellion against foods that are actually necessary and super good for you!

This is especially true for women, whose bodies quite frankly, need carbohydrates to maintain healthy leptin levels and feel their sun-shiny best. If carbs are restricted too much, this can adversely affect leptin levels and the hormonal capacity to regulate reproductive hormones.

About The Recipe Book

The 7 Day Fat-Burning Smoothie book is all about nourishment. It's written to help you get more greens, more dietary fibre and heaps more wholefood goodness in your body that will naturally support your body's fat-burning ability and help with weight rebalancing.

Inside you'll find super delicious, wholefood based recipes that are centered around ingredients that naturally help you feel fuller for longer, balance blood sugar levels and provide a metabolism boost. These ingredients are purposely chosen to support the body's natural fat-burning abilities and to help you feel satisfied after eating them.

Fat-Burning Ingredients

Here's a quick round up of some of the fat-burning ingredients used in the recipe book. You can try consuming more of these nourishing foods to support your weight loss journey.

Avocado: are on of the most effective fat-burning, hunger-squashing foods to consume regularly. The creamy fruit is rich in vitamin B6, a vitamin that reduces the belly-fat-building stress hormone, cortisol. Avocados are also high in good fats that help you feel satiated.

Berries: are an excellent low carb, high fibre fruit to add to smoothies. Consuming high fibre foods is a super simple way to feel full longer and reduce unnecessary snacking. Add a handful to any smoothie recipe.

Cauliflower: is a fabulous low, carb substitute for high GI bananas in smoothies. Cruciferous vegetables are also naturally thermogenic more so than other foods, and can help your body to burn more calories simply by digesting them. Steam your cauliflower, let it cool and substitute it for bananas in any smoothie recipe.

Cayenne chili: the active ingredient in chilli is capsaicin which has been proven to help curb appetite and speed up metabolism after consumption. Try adding a little chili or powdered cayenne to your blender. A half teaspoon is all you need.

Chia seeds: are very high in dietary fibre, and also provide a good serving of omega-3s and protein. Adding them to smoothies is an excellent way to boost your fibre intake, balance blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings all in one swoop. A tablespoon or two is all you need to reap all these benefits.

Cinnamon: this popular spice contains a plant compound called cinnamaldehyde which can help your body to burn fat. Similar to the capsaicin in cayenne, this compound naturally activates thermogenesis in the body. Add a half teaspoon to any recipe and enjoy the fat-burning benefits.

Green tea: can aid weight loss by naturally stimulating the body to burn fat. The catechins, a compound found in the tea, can help to boost the metabolism. Adding the cooled brew to smoothies, is another great way to boost your body's fat-burning abilities.

Protein: is an essential macronutrient that you can only get from your food. This nutrient supports muscle growth, helps to reduce your appetite, and boosts the metabolism. Add a scoop or two to your smoothie for a quick and easily absorbable serving.

3 Reasons You'll Want This

I'll share a little secret with you...if you did nothing but added more wholefoods into your meals over the next week or month, you'd kick start better gut health, energy and even weight loss. Eating more high fibre, wholefood-based meals like the smoothies in the 7 Day Fat-Burning Smoothie book helps you to nudge the empty calories and junk food out of your diet with very little effort.

For this reason, quick and easy smoothies are simple way to begin improving your eating habits. In most cases, smoothies take less than 2-5 minutes to prepare and they make a fantastic grab-and-go breakfast or lunch. In my opinion, smoothies are the new takeaway, only this kind is super good for you!

Convenience. As I already mentioned, smoothies are a super quick and easy meal to make. And if you choose your ingredients right, they can also help to nourish your body, kick start weight loss and even help your body burn fat more effectively. You can make them ahead of time the night before or by meal prepping the ingredients in single serving freezer bags to conveniently drop into the blender on hectic mornings.

For less than a takeaway meal, you could be feasting on delicious, wholefood recipes that burn fat (not sore it). Click here to grab your copy of the 7 Day Fat-Burning Smoothie book!

P.S. After you try the recipes, pop back here and share your favourites. I'd love to know which ones you enjoyed the most!

Healthy + happiness,

Emma Lisa xx



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Oct 31, 2022

I grabbed this the other day and love the recipes, some great combos there Emma!

Emma Lisa
Emma Lisa
Nov 01, 2022
Replying to

Oh thank you for the positive feedback! Glad to hear you’re enjoying those wholefood recipes! Health + happiness Emma Lisa

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