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Experience A Breakthrough!



oh yes you can!

Bust through that stubborn weight loss plateau and kick-start your wellness! 

Get unstuck with the Breakthrough +Coaching Package, the most effective Practitioner-led program to help you take back control with a proven method of goal setting! Deep dive under the hood, discover exactly why you're stuck, what needs to shift - and best of all, how to start seeing results again!

You + Me. 2 Steps. Goals Crushed.

"I've never felt so in control of my eating habits before."

“Thank you Emma!!! I've spent years yo-yo dieting and I've never felt so in control of my eating habits before. What I learned from you is what was missing from my weight loss attempts. I'll always be grateful to you for all the support and help."

Jodi, teacher & mum


If you're tired of feeling stuck or unsure where to even start, then this coaching is perfect for you! Let me teach you how to acheive your wellness goals quickly!

Follow my proven method of goal setting to create quick, positive change. This coaching program is purposefully designed to provide a bite-sized method that gets people fast and long lasting results whether its weight loss, healthy eating or simply just living a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle.

You know new habits are the way to build a healthier body, find that inner calm, or achieve that desired weight loss... it's just that you keep slipping up, veering off track, and losing both motivation and your momentum!

After all there's no playbook for getting out of your own way...


What if you had an action plan, a loving kick in the pants, and a fully personalised instruction manual for doing just that!

(And hey, just imagine what that would mean for all those BIG goals - you could be crushing them instead of feeling so stuck)!!


You're getting stuck because goal setting isn't enough...

Knowing how to set a goal or your intention is only half the battle. The hard part is actually putting your goals into action each and every day, and knowing what steps you need to take to make the magic happen. And then, there's the challenge of keeping all this effort up even when you don't feel like it, when you get too busy, or when it feels like it is taking FOREVER to see the results.

Let Me Guess...

You start off strong but as time goes on, things just get hard. The commitment to eat more mindfully, show up at the gym, meditate every morning, or stick to a diet, slides to the back burner. Before you know it weeks go by, you aren't doing all the things, and so no surprise, you're no further ahead!

And it's real frustrating because you still want that BIG GOAL, but it feels like an uphill battle just to find the motivation.

You're almost at the point of throwing in the towel...



The Breakthrough +Coaching

This unique coaching approach is a two-step process that will provide you with a proven road map for totally crushing your health and wellness goals. You'll walk away with a fully completed Action Planner, a map of all the small, daily habits you need to practice in order to acheive your desired goal(s). These will be broken down into micro-small, bite-sized activities so they can fit even the busiest of schedules and lifetstyles.

This Is Perfect For You If...

you're a frustrated yo-yo dieter fed up with poor results and all the calorie, carb and macro counting you keep getting told is the only way to lose weight. 
you're time-poor (or impatient) and just want a laser sharp method that actually works (and fast) to take back your health, create positive change and see results.
you're willing to work for it, but you're just unsure of what steps to take that will work for your body and lifestyle. You just want a paint by number health map!
you're looking for an affordable solution that actually works, one that you can use over and over again, not just for weight loss, but for any lifestyle goal.

If you've been trying to figure out HOW to make goals that stick, Breakthrough is for you!

SSS Free Stock Bundle 14.jpg

Imagine if...

you knew every single micro-step and exactly what to do to make all of your health and wellness goals a reality and actually happen.

you had a precise roadmap of how put it all this into daily practice (without adding to your already overflowing to-do list).

you could finally uncrack the code to getting the results you desire—without ever getting stuck in procrastination or self-defeating excuses.

you had your own personal coach mentoring you every step of the way until you had it all so unlocked you could teach others the secret.



Here's what you'll get:


The secret Action Planner Workbook to help you make lasting, long term goals.


Two Practitioner Coaching Sessions to hold you accountable and provide clinical support.


Private messaging with the Practitioner for the first 30 days while on the program.

"She guided me there like an old friend."

"Working with Emma was such an empowering experience. She had the tools I needed to make positive change and guided me there like an old friend. Highly recommend her coaching services."

Kate, accountant & mum


I can promise you one thing, the results are only one click away ...

Don't go another day stuck in procrastination and disappointment. Join now and fully master that art of setting (and keeping) health and lifestyle habits.

ready to kick those goals?

Here are your next steps... 

Register Now

Click the button to enrol and follow the checkout steps. Within minutes, you'll get an email with your Workbook and links to book your coaching sessions.

Book Your Sessions

Hop to Bookings page to schedule your private, 1:1 Breakthrough  sessions and get started with the Practitioner's support and guidance.

Reach Those Goals

Master healthy lifestyle goal setting. You'll walk away with a proven plan of daily action that can easily be revised to support goal setting in all areas of your life.

Let's do this!


About Your Practitioner

Hello! I'm Emma Lisa, author of the 6 Week Healthy Habits Lab Program! I am also the Practitioner behind the Eat Nourish Glow Women's Clinic located right here in Sydney, Australia. This is where I develop and share whole-food recipes, nutrition plans and cookbooks that make healthy eating simple and practical for the chaos of motherhood. I am strictly anti-diet, and specialise in nutrient-dense, real food cooking with a focus on low-carb, wholefood, and plantbased recipes. 

As a Health & Nutrition Practitioner, I own and run a Women's Nutrition Clinic (now fully online). I practice health and nutrition services as an Executive Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists with an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition & Health Coaching, Professional Meal & Menu Planning, as well as Certificate III & IV in Fitness.


Got a quick question?

I am happy to answer your burning questions about the Breakthrough +Coaching. You can email me directly at or use the LiveChat.
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