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Quick & Easy Gourmet Peach Toastie on Sour Dough Bread

Make a nutritious breakfast all week with this quick and easy gourmet fruit toast recipe. Its made in minutes with simple ingredients, toast, spread and fresh fruit. Create a well-balanced breakfast you can mix and match all week. Ready? Let's cook it together!

Quick & Easy Gourmet Peach Toastie on Sour Dough Bread  |  Eat Nourish Glow
Quick & Easy Gourmet Peach Toastie on Sour Dough Bread | Eat Nourish Glow

Quick & Easy Breakfast Idea

With the holidays upon us, purposely adding in nutrient-dense meals that are quick and easy to make is a fantastic way to stick to your healthy eating goals through the Christmas season. And this delicious gourmet toast recipe is just the thing you need to satisfy hunger and give you energy all morning.

Making a well-balanced breakfast first thing in the morning sets your appetite for the entre day and can mean the difference between rogue afternoon and evening snacking, or maintaining healthy eating, especially at such a chaotic time as Christmas. Here's how to create quick and easy gourmet toasties every time:


  • High in Protein: pick a high protein spread such as cheese-based, yoghurt, or plantbased options such as hummus, bean dip or nut butters. Protein is essential for muscle repair, growth, and overall body function; you need at least 50-70g of protein per day. Start the day off with a good serving and help balance your blood sugar levels all day.

  • Good Fats: cheese and nut butters provide healthy fats, including monounsaturated fats, which are heart-healthy and can help keep you feeling satisfied.

  • Nutrient-Dense: choose a bread type like sour dough that is rich in nutrients and easy to digest. An unprocessed choice that is also a good source of dietary fibre is key.

  • Fruit Serving: this recipe calls for fruit which is naturally high in fibre and provide an excellent dose of essential vitamins. Pairing fruits with fibre and protein, is a great way to support balanced blood sugar levels and slow down the natural hit of fructose.

It's important to note that while this wholefood recipe has several health benefits, moderation is still important--you can overdo it on the healthy stuff too!

On a budget? Making your own bread can be a great way to save money if you have the time. If not, shop around for the sour dough bread to find a good bakery or brand that uses wholefood ingredients and no fillers. Aldi is pretty good for this and also stocks an excellent gluten-free loaf that is high in fibre (6g per slice) for those like myself who are coeliac.

Food allergies, not problem! Swap the sour dough bread as mentioned above for suitable bread like gluten-free or one made from safe ingredients. If you have dairy sensitives, you can also swap out the cream cheese for a vegan spread, bean dip or try nut butter.

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Gourmet Toast Ingredients

Before I touched on the simple ways you can make a well-balanced gourmet breakfast, and now I'd like to share some excellent pairings for you to experiment with using this recipe. The following recipe suggestions are all made with high fibre bread, a protein-based spread and your choice of fresh fruits.

The Nut Butter Toastie

These are a tasty way to enjoy fruit and a hit of satiating fats and protein first thing in the morning. Try almond, cashew, or raw peanut butter topped with fresh or smashed berries, chia seed jam, or sliced fruits such as apple, pear, or stone fruits.

The Avocado Smash

Don't knock it until you try it. Avocado when paired with fruit is a great way to keep blood sugar levels balanced by combining healthy fat to slow the impact of fructose found in fruits. Try chopped strawberries, blackberries and pomegranate for delicious taste sensation.

The Dessert Toastie

You can enjoy a dessert-like toastie for brekkie that is actually good for you . Try a nut butter spread mixed with 1/2 scoop of vanilla or chocolate flavoured protein powder and a 1 tsp of raw cacao powder. Then top with fresh berries, sliced fruit pieces or my chia jam recipe.

These key ingredients all work together to provide a nutritious based for a healthy wholefood breakfast that is rich in nutrients, fibre, protein, and low in sugar. You control the ingredients, so by choosing wholefood options, you get to enjoy a flavourful breakfast that is super quick and easy to make!

Gourmet Peach Toastie Recipe

Quick & Easy Gourmet Peach Toastie on Sour Dough Bread  |  Eat Nourish Glow
Quick & Easy Gourmet Peach Toastie on Sour Dough Bread | Eat Nourish Glow

These gourmet toasties are so quick and easy to make with only a few ingredients. Choose a healthy bread option, and then pair with a spread that has some kind of protein like hummus, nut butter, cottage cheese, or as used here, cream cheese. Add any fruit that you have on hand from berries to stone fruit, mangoes, banana and more.

Gourmet Peach Toastie Recipe

PREP TIME: 7 Mins | SERVING: 1-2 | Gluten-free, High Fibre


  • 1-2 sour dough bread slices (or high fibre gluten-free bread)

  • 1 peach, sliced thinly

  • 2 tbsp cream cheese

  • 1 small handful blueberries

  • 1 pinch of rock salt


Add the bread to the toaster and heat to your liking. Once golden, spread the slice(s) with the cream cheese. Layer on top the sliced fruit and blueberries to serve. You can add a drizzle of maple syrup, balsamic glaze or my homemade chocolate sauce over top to make an extra flavourful and delicious gourmet treat.

Batch Cook & Meal Prep

Yes, you can easily meal prep this recipe as a staple breakfast. Aside from the bread, you can prepare the fruit in advance and store in tubs in the fridge for a different gourmet toastie several times a week. Most chopped fruits (with exception of banana) will last 2-4 days in a sealed tub and makes for easy pickings. Just be sure to vary the spread and fruit type to ensure a balance of nutrition throughout the week.

One Last Things, Before You Go...

If you really enjoy these recipes... stick around with a cup of peppermint tea and browse this blog for more clean eating recipes, nutrition and healthy eating guides, and be sure to grab my free Wholefood Recipe Collection, click here. You'll receive my Nutritionist-approved clean eating recipes to sample this week. Learn how to ease into healthy, wholefood eating that won't take you hours in the kitchen to eat clean and healthy. Come grab a copy, click here.

Emma Lisa, Nutritionist & Women's Practitioner

Emma Lisa, Nutritionist at Eat Nourish Glow

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Dec 15, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Emma Lisa. We thoroughly enjoyed this recipe for our ladies brunch this week. Delightful! I am grateful for the free recipes and happy I found your blog. Thank you again. from Phyllis

Emma Lisa
Emma Lisa
Dec 20, 2023
Replying to

Awww you are most welcome, Phyllis! We love hearing from our readership and are pleased you've enjoyed the content so far.

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