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Hey, I'm Emma Lisa

I help women end the struggle and embrace a vibrant, healthy Life without restrictions, rule books or worrying about how many calories are on their plate. If you're ready for positive change, you are in the right place!

Anti-Diet Advocate. Healthy Habits Maven. Whole Foodie

& Nutrition Practitioner

Yes, I'm a kale lover, but you don't have to be. I love recipe creation with wholefoods, and I am strictly anti-diet. So, toss out that scale (and your inner mean girl). Delete that tedious carb tracking app and all the rest. I've got healthy fully unlocked, and YES I am going to share all the delicious secrets with you. And I promise it isn't as hard as you think. In fact, healthy is quite simple...

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Health & Well-being Is A Journey

Think I've always had it easy? Nope, I stared down food allergies and anorexia in my tweens, breast cancer in my 30s with two young babies in tow, and keep a super tight leash on Type II diabetes as a mum to five now in my 50s. I lost my breast and gallbladder on the battlefield (and have all the Frankenstein warrior scars to prove it). Bouncing back is my journey,  superpower, and jam. So link arms with me, I'm here to empower you too!


My passion is lit helping women turn struggle into sparkle dust.

Since 2014, I’ve been on a mission to make healthy super simple. I work with women who have tried it all and are fed up with the yo-yo dieting, all the conflicting nutrition noise on Google, and who are ready for a practical, holistic approach to finding a healthy balance.

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"Emma Lisa is such a breath of fresh air. Her approach to helping me was just what I needed to turn my Life around. I'd highly recommend her programs and clinic."

~ Olivia DeVille

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