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Meal Prep Tips To Make Weight Loss A Snap By A Nutritionist

Today I shared some of my top tips on my Instagram for weight loss using easy meal prep and a focus on wholefoods (not deprivation). I think in 2022, people need to update their approach and mindset around food and dieting. No longer is it about calorie counting, restricting carbs and deprivations. In 2022 its all about nourishment, making healthier choices and loving your body enough to be more choosy, and more conscious of what you feed yourself.

Meal Prep Tips To Make Weight Loss A Snap by a Nutritionist  |  Eat Nourish Glow
Meal Prep Tips To Make Weight Loss A Snap by a Nutritionist | Eat Nourish Glow

Is Meal Prepping Good For Weight Loss?

When I work with clients, I coach them on how to do things differently in the kitchen with their meal prep that will improve their weight loss results and make going more wholefood-based super easy peasy. In clinic, we literally let go of the struggle of measuring macros, counting carbs and calories and stressing over ever little morsel and focus more on what nourishes, heals and build the body and health they desire....and its easier than you think.

Meal prep is a wonderful way to help tame, adjust your eating habits, and be more organised so you can (and will) stick to your weight loss goals. The small amount of time and effort made preparing healthy meals and snacks ahead of time is well worth the effort so you can easily nourish on foods that support your journey. Here's my simple tips for making meal prep and weight loss a snap.

Shift Your Focus To High Fibre Foods & Lose Weight

A first place to start meal prep for weight loss, is by learning to structure each meal based on the dietary fibre not the calorie count - you can throw that outdated strategy out with the rubbish. Fibre is your absolute best friend when it comes to long term weight loss and meal prep. Start consuming 30-50g of dietary fibre per day, and its easier than you think. No measuring required. Simple focus on well-known high fibre foods from wholefood sources at every meal and snack.

  • Swap processed white bread for sprouted, wholegrain options.

  • Use quinoa, spelt, wholegrain or brown rice instead of white rice or pasta.

  • Add high fibre greens to sauces, casseroles, muffins, or smoothies.

  • Read nutrition labels looking for high a fibre count (6g or more).

  • Build your meals on a high fibre base and add the goodness from there.

Upping your fibre will have a huge impact on your gut health. It helps to reduce your appetite if you are overeater or snacker, and help you feel fuller for longer. These all contribute to lasting weight loss.

Drink More Water For Appetite Control

If you are anywhere in my digital wellness space, this concept is nothing new. I am a huge advocate for water consumption and keeping hydrated for so many reasons. When you up your fibre intake (as suggested above), it is incredibly important to also provide your body with adequate water to help move the fibre through your digestive system and avoid constipation.

Water is actually an essential nutrient and so overlooked when it comes to lasting weight loss. Increasing your intake to 3 litres per day will have so many positive effects on your gut health, hair and skin, mood and energy in addition to improving your weight loss efforts. Best of all, its free and easy as turning on the tap. Sip on a 500ml glass every 1-2 hours to help gut health, and reduce appetite and excess snacking. A steady drip all day is the way to go (never chug large amounts).


Save Time, Money & Lose Weight Simultaneously

Meal prep and planning can saving you both time and money while supporting your weight loss efforts. Time-saving meal prep means you'll always have healthy food items on hand and less likely to make poor choices, especially when in a rush o stressed out.

Meal prep is also a great budget-friendly way to go about your weight loss goals. In fact it is two-fold; weight loss on a budget helps you prepare larger portions of meals and thoughtfully portioning them out. You'll find that in doing this, you'll save valuable time and avoid those unhealthy impulse purchases, ultimately furthering your weight loss journey.

Choose What Nourishes You & Lose Weight

Lastly, focus every meal or snack on foods that are densely nutritious and that deeply nourish you. We all have a general idea of what foods are good for us and which are not, are you making choices that are moving you forward towards your goals or away from them? Become mindful of what you are consuming and ask yourself, "...does this nourish me and further my goals, or is it a quick fix to fill an emotional void or boredom?"

Meal prep and planning can be such a valuable tool for weight loss, helping you strike a balance and shed those unwanted kilos the safe, healthy way. Embrace the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and health benefits of meal prep, and you'll be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.

There's lots of helpful post to be found here on meal planning, weight loss, and meal prep. Grab a cuppa and learn some easy ways to bullterproff your weight lsos gaols this month!

Healthy + happiness,

Emma Lisa xx

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05 mar 2022

This looks amazing… Never thought to put fruit in my salad until now, great idea and recipe thank you!!

Me gusta
Emma Lisa
Emma Lisa
16 mar 2022
Contestando a

Such a fabulous way to add nutrition and flavour your salads. Try all kinds of berries, apple, pear, mango, kiwi etc Health + happiness Emma

Me gusta

19 ene 2022

Oh I am so trying this, thank you Emma!!!

Me gusta
Emma Lisa
Emma Lisa
16 mar 2022
Contestando a

Let me know how you go! Health + happiness Emma

Me gusta
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