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Women's 1:1 Co-Working Session (Zoom)

30-Minute Time Blocking & Accountability

  • 30 min
  • Sydney

Session Details

Crush Your To-Do List with Women's 1:1 Co-Working Sessions (Zoom) If you have been feeling overwhelmed by your workload and craving a supportive community. you're not the ONLY one! The Women's 1:1 Co-Working Session offers an empowering social connection and hyper-focused 30-minutes purposely designed to boost your productivity and accountability. Here's how the magic works: 👥 Connect & Support (5 mins): We kick things off with a quick check-in, sharing goals, and offering encouragement to each other on Zoom. ✍️ Laser Focus Block Time (15 mins): Come with a critical business task and dedicate a focus you need to work on and get done. After stating our intention, we'll spend a silent 15-minute block to individually work on our task while on Zoom. Knowing another person is waiting to hear your progress will help motivate you, and keep you laser-focused - but also, they are the for moral support! ⏰ Accountability & Share (10 mins): We'll things up wrap up by celebrating our wins, brainstorming solutions to any roadblocks for the coming week ahead, and feeling empowered for the rest of the day. The Personal Benefits... 🙌 boost your productivity with structured time blocking to you conquer your to-do list more efficiently and with accountability, knowing someone is cheering on and waiting to keep you motivated to stay on task. 🙌 belong to a supportive community where you can connect and share entrepreneurial experiences with like-minded female entrepreneurs 🙌 increase your productivity and work in focused silence to get all those tasks that keep falling between the crack DONE, whether you join once or make it a regular reoccurring appointment You'll leave each session feeling... ✅ more empowered and focused on your business ✅ accountable and motivated to overcome hurdles and ✅ feel more connected, less isolated by becoming part of a positive, supportive network of other women entrepreneurs Ready to take action? Sign up for your Women's 1:1 Co-Working Session today! P.S. Spots fill up fast, so don't wait! PLEASE NOTE: we are located in Sydney, Australia, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Cancellation Policy

Join our supportive community of women entrepreneurs for a powerful 30-minute session designed to boost your productivity and accountability. These sessions are completely FREE, but we operate on a respect system and do have strict expectations of participants. THE RULES: Be On Time (If Not Early) We expect absolute punctuality to ensure everyone gets the most out of the session. While a 5-minute grace period is offered for late arrivals, we expect you to be on time; consistent tardiness will affect your ability to participate in future sessions. Please respect those who have showed up on time, and who are eagerly waiting to get started on the their goals. Respectful Participation: Come fully prepared to focus on a specific task and actively participate in discussions. While we will have an opportunity for pleasantries and discussions, we are there to hyper focus and that is the agenda of the Zoom call. We thrive on a supportive and motivating environment for every participant, and expect you'll be equally as focused and excited to get down to business, and kick some goals. Responsible Cancellations: Life happens (especially for us mums). If you need to cancel, please use the booking system to free up your spot for someone else. This allows us to offer the opportunity to someone on the waiting list (if applicable). We require 24hrs notice to cancel sessions; repeated cancellations with void future participation. Ready to take action? Sign up on today, spots fill up fast, so don't wait! For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Emma Lisa at

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