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The Sugar Free Life is a paid membership where you complete a Nutritionist-led sugar detox, and finally get to make sugar dependence and food cravings a thing of the past!


In an ongoing membership setting, get support from a Nutritionist to safely complete a week-long sugar detox with a done-for-you, wholefood meals and dessert recipes. Swap the sugar for nutrient-dense, wholefood sweet ingredients (and not even miss it)!


Learn exactly how to reduce and eliminate sugar from your diet, replacing it with healthier options is all laid out for you. Includes a full colour detox support guidebook with helpful worksheets and interactive daily challenges. 


Make the lasting healthy changes needed to quit sugar with added support from inside the exclusive membership group. Discuss and ask questions, get real-time advice from the Nutritionist, and continue your sugar free life with inspiration, motivation, and an expert's real-time support.


If you're truly ready for massive change and are highly motivated to try a fresh approach that has a proven track record of getting people lasting results, then this membership is perfect for you!



During the detox program, the Nutritionist will guide you through a sugar detox meal plan and teach you where sugar hides, what names it falls under, and how to adjust your diet to safely reduce and eliminate it from your menu while still enjoying dessert.


📚 THE PROGRAM (Sugar Detox, Recipes, Workbook, Membership)

▪️ Learn from the Nutritionist why sugar is harmful to your health

▪️ Master healthy ways to successfully ditch sugar without missing it

▪️ Complete a Nutritionist-led sugar detox with a recipe meal plan

▪️ Enjoy a lifetime membership inside the support community



You'll have unlimited access to the Practitioner via Messenger, Group Chat, or email to help you begin to make changes and overcome any obstacles. This provides excellent accountability and extra support while in the six week progress of creating lasting change.


Got a quick question before signing up?

Use the LiveChat (bottom right) to ask a question in real time (during business hours only).




"I still can't believe it, I finally kicked my sugar habit, all thanks to you, Emma! I honestly never thought I'd see the day where chocolate and cakes weren't my afternoon energy crutch!" - Chaylene 

Rating: ★★★★★


"Em, you know I've always struggle with cravings and excess weight, so I'm happy to report that I finally was able to quit sugar! Not only have I shed the extra kilos, I am enjoying much healthier foods."- Joyce

Rating: ★★★★★


"I highly recommend this program! Emma, is amazing at what she does, knowledgeable and oh so friendly. Her sugar detox was easier than I ever thought and helped me stop hurting my body from too much sugar, I learned so much. Thanks again for all your help and getting me back on track... loved all your yummy recipes!" -  Alexia

Rating: ★★★★★


"Can't thank you enough, Em! This was great and now I'm not just ditching the sweet stuff, I'm dropping kilos and dancing my way to a healthier, happier me!" - Mary

Rating: ★★★★★


"I just think what if I never met Emma off her Instagram, eeek! Jumping on her sugar detox has been so transformation for me. I learned just how harmeful sugar truly is and why it was preventing me from losing the baby weight. When I made the changes she recommended, my body bounced back again and my energy went through the roof. Thanks so much Em, your new program is just so effective!" - Jill

Rating: ★★★★★

The Sugar Free Life Membership

  • The Suagr Free Life (Membership Version) is where you’ll learn how to quit and safely detox from sugar with the practical methods and guidance from a qualified Health & Nutrition Practitioner.

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