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The That Whole Food, Low Carb Life Cookbook provides a stand-alone cookbook with wholefood-based, low carb meals written by a qualified Nutrition Practitioner. This recipe book is perfect for you if you want to adopt a wholefood, low carb lifestyle that empowers you to make healthier food choices (without dieting).


Rebalance your body weight without restrictions, deprivation or the struggle. Yes, you can go low carb (the healthy way) without spending hours in the kitchen, fussing over counting carbs or worrying about measuring every little macro. There is a better, healthier way...




A done-for-you cookbook with full recipes and a 30 day Suggested Menu for easy, great tasting low carb meals that you'll actually want to make again and again!


  • That Whole Food Low Carb Life Cookbook (PDF format) 61 pg
  • BONUS #1 - Meal Planning Kit printable (PDF $10.95 value)
  • BONUS #2 - Progress Tracker printables (PDF $5.95 value)




"I've struggled to go low carb and stick with it, thank you Em for creating such delicious recipes (I know I can trust to be good for me) in such an easy to follow book! Highly recommend this to people wanting well balanced meals from a knowledgeable nutritionist."
- Olivia, Noosa, QLD ★★★★★


"Emma's meal plan was so easy to follow and taught me how to create healthier meals in a matter of minutes. I saved so much time and now love cooking again! "
- Anna, Sydney, NSW ★★★★★


"I'm down 2.5kg already! Loving the recipes. Cannot believe I didn't do it sooner as it's so easy and much more delicious than all my naughtier foods. Thanks Emma Lisa for a great program!"
- Ally, Wollongong, NSW ★★★★★

That Whole Food, Low Carb LifeCookbook

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  • That Whole Food, Low Carb Life includes the low carb Recipe Cookbook in PDF format with Meal Planning printables.

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