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The Health & Wellness Benefits Of Diffusing Essential Oils

Aromatherapy offers many health benefits and is a beautiful way to practice a little self-care each day. Just stopping for a moment to inhale an essential oil can increase your brain frequency, help to balance the right and left brain function, and signal the release of healing hormones to specific areas of the body.

The simplest and fastest way to inhale the scented molecules of essential oil is to sniff directly from an open vial, or to wear essential oil mixed with a carrier as a perfume. However, diffusing essential oil into the air is the most common method of inhalation to enjoy the health benefits. Only a few drops of oil, combined with stream or water, are all that is needed to reap therapeutic benefits for your well-being.

The Health & Wellness Benefits Of Diffusing Essential Oils
The Health & Wellness Benefits Of Diffusing Essential Oils

The wellness and health benefits of aromatherapy have been used for centuries to support and nurture one's physical, psychological and mental state. Aromatherapy is most often used to help relax the mind and to dispel stress, reduce anxiety and calm an over-stimulated nervous system.

Inhaling essential oils can help to lighten the mood and alleviate stress from the chronic busyness of our modern world. While essential oils can't 100% cure ailments, they can definitely can help improve or work to minimise symptoms in conjunction with other therapies. Not only for colds and flu, use of specific essential oils can help to strengthen your body's nervous system, brain function and emotional resilience. When used properly, oils just can help you cope better overall.

The best way to achieve results from using aromatherapy is to only ever use pure, high-quality oils rather than those with synthetic ingredients or fragrances. Organically grown, naturally harvested and minimally process oils are best. The effectiveness of aromatherapy practices always depends on the quality of the oils used in addition to how the oils are being used.

The Types Of Essential Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy essential oil diffusers come in many styles and selections from fan diffusers, nebulising diffusers, tea candle diffusers, lamp ring diffusers, essential oil warmers, and other aromatherapy accessories. Experts and Aromatherapy Practitioners recommend using aromatherapy diffusers that use no heat compared to those that rely on heat to distribute scent. This is to ensure the quality of the scent diffused and not breakdown the beneficial properties in the natural oils.

"Overall inhalation (from diffusers) is considered a very safe method of using oils that poses a low level of risk. It is very unlikely that the concentration of any essential oil will rise to dangerous levels due to vaporization. Use a diffuser for about 30–45 minutes at a time for the most effectiveness." - Dr Josh Axe

Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers

Ultrasonic mist diffusers are by far the most popular and easiest way to use essential oils. This type of diffuser uses water and electronic frequencies to create a fine mist comprised of essential oils and distilled water. You only need to use a few drops of oils with this type of differ device and it can run for a long period of time. Its the best diffuser for large, open spaces such as an office setting or in the home as the mist disperses widely into the air.

HOW TO USE: fill the tank with distilled water and add up to 6-8 drops of your favourite essential oils or a blended oil. Most mist diffusers offer the option of either continuous or intermittent mist, depending on your needs. Personally, I prefer the intermittent setting. Click here to browse my favourite brand of Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers.

Nebulising Diffusers

With this type of mist diffuser, a few drops of essential oils are added and then atomised into a fine mist that is quickly dispersed into the air. The mist produced is composed entirely of pure essential oil, resulting in a much stronger aroma. Perfect to use around the home or in the workplace and creates a longer lasting diffusion to enjoy.

Ceramic Mist Diffuser

A decorative piece, this type of mist diffuser comes in a variety of styles and will add a touch of luxury to your home or office. To operate, you simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or an oil blend into the mister reservoir and enjoy.

This type of mist diffuser is equally as ideal for large spaces and only requires a small amount of essential oil. Ceramic diffusers are usually long lasting and don't deteriorate like plastic versions. Essential oils are known to become corrosive in plastic over time. You can find ceramic styles made from pottery stone or terra cotta and come in a wide variety of patterns suitable for any decor.

The pod is every eco-spiritual warrior's fave! This diffuser (pictured, above right) is a little unusual but a very special version of a mister diffusers indeed. Its made from the natural Banksia Grandis seed and is perfect for small spaces such as a massage room or your bedroom. It only requires a small amount of essential oil.

Banksia pods originate from South Western Australia where they grow on trees. These pods are commonly compared to that of pine cones. The woody, pod material is particularly porous, so it soaks up essential oil slowly releasing the aroma through its pores. It makes a beautiful conversational piece as well as being eco-friendly and highly functional. Shop Banksia Pod diffusers, click here.

Portable Mini Mister Diffuser

This is a total gamer changer if you are regular oil user. The Mini Mister Diffuser (pictured, above left) lets you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy everywhere you go and at any time of the day. These mini diffusers are super lightweight, easily portable and disperses a cool mist vapour. They are super easy peasy to use recharge on USB from a phone charger or even your laptop. Grab yours, click here!

Essential oil diffusers are one of the easiest ways to enjoy all the wellness benefits from aromatherapy. Whether you are intending to smidge or cleanse a new living space, improve your sleep or relieve stress, diffusing essential oils can help improve your emotional and physical well-being 100% naturally.


Essential oils can help provide natural, non-chemical alternatives to help heal the body with plants and flower extracts at home. I highly recommended trying a mist diffuser for work or home. These have been especially helpful for those clients I've coached who suffer with chronic stress, emotional eating, or who suffer from emotional anxiety.

There are many essential oils that can ease the symptoms of many health conditions and provide relief in conjunction with other therapies. Mist diffusing can also be a form of self-care offering you a break to slow down the pace of your day and breathe in calming energy while letting go of stress.

Optional: Aromatherapy Subscription Boxes

Gift yourself the healing powers of essential oils with this Health Practitioner's approved and naturally sourced Aussie brand. I personally use these oils in my health clinic to treat all kinds of ailments and help clients find harmony once again. ECO Essential Oils makes it super easy to support your own wellness with their Oil Club and Ritual Box.

ORDER SUBSCRIPTION BOX: You'll receive PETA Vegan and Cruelty-Free essential oils plus some exclusive extras delivered bi-monthly or quarterly right to your front door. Experiment with new oils, heal yourself naturally and replenish your aromatherapy collection right in the comfort of your home.

*DISCLAMIER: Before trying anything new, it is always advisable that you first check with your GP to see if you may be allergic to any of the oils or remedies suggested. This blog post does not replace the care and advice of your treating physical or health practitioner. When in doubt, check it out.

Health + happiness,

Emma Lisa xx

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