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10 Ways To Show Yourself Kindness In The Next 5 Minutes

A huge part of self-care is showing yourself kindness each and every day. This means taking time out for you to catch your breath, check-in with yourself and make any quick u-turns needed to improve your day and quality of Life. I know for many this is hard to remember, or perhaps it is not even part of your daily routine yet. In either case, I have rounded up ten beautifully simple ways you can stop and show yourself some self-care and kindness in the next 5-minutes.

10 Ways To Show Yourself Kindness In The Next 5 Minutes
10 Ways To Show Yourself Kindness In The Next 5 Minutes

How Can I Be Kind To Myself Daily?

I'm about to share some beautiful, simple ways that you can show yourself a little kindness. It is so important that you prioritise self-care in your daily routine. Being kind to yourself can improve your overall well-being, resilience, and mental health. Some common ways to practice self-care include taking breaks when needed, setting perosnal boundaries, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in activities that bring you joy. By prioritising self-care, you can reduce stress and improve your ability to handle daily challenges.

These simple self-care tips and ideas are proven ways to reduce mental stress, anxiety and be kinder to yourself. Which ones will make part of your every day?

IDEA: You may want to screenshot this post to reference later, or make a few notes along the way with the ideas that resonate with your the most.

Close Your Eyes & Breathe

It almost sounds too simple to be true, but just humour me for a minute. Stop what you are doing right now. Let your eyes fall closed, blocking out the world (yes, this is your permission). Breathe in nice and deep through your nose, hold the breath in your belly for the count of 1, 2 3, and then let it go with a long, steady whoosh.

Breath in again, and out. Allow all your stress, the built up tension and frustrations of the day go with each whoosh, and expel that stress with your breath. Just stay here for a moment, really experience this moment as you breath in the fresh and new, and expel the old. Allow you body to fully take over, be still and let the mind go blank. Do at least 10, slow and steady breaths, and then carry on with your day again.

Told you it was simple. This self-care breath technique is very rejuvenating and interrupts the spiral of stress we can all find ourselves wrapped up in each day. If you are naturally on the anxious side and experience high stress, make this little breathing technique one of your new habits this month.

HEALTH TIP: this technique is even more powerful if you add a positive affirmation to it. Breathe in and think of your affirmation. Expel your breath is a steady whoosh, then affirm your positive statement.

Drink Water or Herbal Tea

I know, water is so simple right? And I did promise your things you can do in less than five minutes. But this is so effective and here's why. When you are becoming dehydrated, your energy will naturally wan. You can experience dips in mood, irritability, and brain fog just from needing more water. If let unchecked, dehydration can set in making you feel weary, peckish and unmotivated. Don't neglect your needs, keep hydrated.

A simple refreshing drink can perk you up in a matter of minutes. No, I am not suggesting alcohol, colas or a sugary choice, but rather just plain water or try your favourite herbal tea warm, hot or cold. Sit with your drink of choice and sip slowly. Be sure to breathe.

Focus on the act of sipping, and become mindful. Pay attention to the sensations of the water or tea going down your throat and settling in your tummy. Breathe. I promise you, a 2-minute water break can work wonders!

INFUSED WATER: a lovely way to make water more drinkable is to infuse it with fresh herbs berries, chopped fruits and even veggies. This provide a drip of nourishing nutrients as well as helping to boost your mood, energy and hydrate. View recipes here.

Light An Aromatherapy Candle

Known to enhance a person's mood as well as the senses, aromatherapy candles are highly therapeutic and come in various sizes, styles, and hundreds of fragrances. You can even make your own with DIY kits. Lighting a candle is so calming and such a small thing you can do to show yourself some self-care when you have nothing left in the tank. Just take a minute to stare at the flame and breathe.

When used as part of your self-care routine, candles can provide a lovely grounding activity by burning scents such as Geranium, Lavender, Ginger, Rose, or Zen Blend.

Sit In The Sunshine

Sometimes the most revitalising things, can cost absolutely nothing. Sitting in the warmth of the sunshine listening to the birds, whether in the park or your backyard, can be a real mood shifter. Sunshine is so healing, and provides an essential dose of essential vitamin D. It also boosts the brain's release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with moods and can help you feel calm and focused.

So if you are feeling flat and nothing left to give, just plunk yourself in a sunny patch of sunshine for 5-minutes and catch your breath.

SELF-CARE HABIT: mindfulness is a wonderful way to tune into your body and your self-care needs, and easy enough to do through you many of the suggestions made here.

Find A Quiet Spot & Read

Feed your soul for self-care. Find yourself a zen space in your home or the garden with a self-help book. Lose yourself in something other than motherhood, your work and the daily stress. This is a great way to derail that runaway stress train and can be a great escape without ever leaving the house.

A lovely way to show yourself self-care, is to gift yourself a little self-help book. A short read will provide you with a much needed (and well deserved) mental break. I love these I found at Kmart for this task. Another of my favourite books for reviving my soul is anything by Louise L Hay. If you are looking for support with self-care, she is the ultimate guru. Her metaphysical teachings are absolutely life changing!

Spontaneously Change Things Up

It's funny how taking a new route to school pick up, work or your usual errands, can stimulate new neurological pathways in the brain. This stimulates your brain and mind to look at situations, and the mundane, in fresh new ways. It is helpful to get you out of funk, bust through a bad mood or distract you from the stressful issues that may be weighing on your shoulders.

HEALTHY HABIT: How can you mix things up and bring a little newness to your every day routines? Can you walk or bike, instead of drive? Can you take the long way or scenic route instead of the motorway? Think about how you can implement this simple strategy.

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

You don't have to have the moves of a TikTok super star to practice this one. Just put on your absolute favourite songs or album, and shake that booty! The freedom of dance and movement is so liberating. Exercise has been scientifically proven to help improve mood, boost energy and brain function, and even ease anxiety symptoms. Allow the music to whisk you away, grab the kids and make it a fun family moment.

Set Positive Intentions For Yourself

Setting an intention, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, can be such a self-empowering exercise. Doing this is an initial step in visualising what you want more of in your Life, or what things may need improving. Grab a pretty notebook, or use your smartphone's Notes app to write out your new intentions. You can take this a step further and print them off to post around the house as visible as a reminder of what you’re working towards. All it takes is a few minutes of dedicated thought each and every day.

Try Something Brand New

That old saying, "if nothing changes, nothing changes" couldn't be more true. Step back from your Life for a moment and try something you’ve never done before. If nagging the family hasn't worked to motivate them to help you clean up, create a family competition with a chart posted in the lounge or kitchen. Offer a reward for the first to complete the desired task(s). Make things more fun, and dance like a mad woman instead of yelling and release that stress in a new, positive way. Hug the crap out of your teenagers until they concede and promise to clean up (trust me this works in seconds and is more positive for all).

,Alternatively, mix things up with a new outfit, style your hair differently, or wear a bold new lipstick colour. Break free from routine and express yourself without judgement. Be different, it can be so impactful. Whatever you choose, leap out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself and your brain.

Tap Into Your Inner Goddess

Tap Into Your Inner Goddess For Self-Care  |  Eat Nourish Glow
Tap Into Your Inner Goddess For Self-Care | Eat Nourish Glow

You might laugh at crystal lovers and witch woo folk (or not--hello my boho friend) but there is something magical that happens when you practice Tibetan singing bowls, chakra cleanses, crystal energy healing or guided meditations. The sound frequencies created by a singing bowl (pictured above) help to restore balance to the body and improve the flow of energy. Chakras are energy points on the body that can become blocked.

Releasing their stagnant energy can work wonders (even if you are not a believer). Crystals have been used in many alternative medicinal and therapeutic ways. Holding crystals or placing them on your body aids physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals naturally vibe with your body's energy field, or chakra, and can improve a sense of well-being, relieve stress and boost creativity.

Allow your inner goddess to tap into the divine healing energy of one the above. Don't judge it. Be open to the self-care experience and allow yourself to relax as you engage with the healing tool of choice. Try it with a stressed out friend, or visit a healer.


Create A Self-Care Challenge

Begin today to start loving and nurturing yourself more with these self-care tips and create your own self-care challenge. Joy down all the tips and set your intention to practice at least one tip per day. Try t for a week, or go hard and aim for the entire month!

Allow the joy, playfulness and enthusiasm that you naturally had as a child begin to flow into your everyday life experiences. You deserve spontaneous happiness, a break to catch your breath and a little unexpected joy in your Life.

Love and appreciate yourself every opportunity you get, you deserve it!

Healthy + happiness,

Emma Lisa xx

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