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The November 2021 Free Fitness Calendar For Abs + Core

Whoop! We're in the official stretch towards the Christmas and summer holidays, and I don't know about you but I can't wait to get outside and hit the beach. Thing is, my lifestyle totally changed while homsechooling 5 kids through several months of Sydney lockdowns. Yes, even I have noticed a little something extra around my mid-section. So this month's calendar is all about targeting the core and abs while working up a big sweat!

For the month of November, I’ve planned out an ab burning fitness calendar for mums just like me who want to hit the beach with a boost of confidence and trim off those unwanted Covid kilos. I promise this workout will help boost your energy and metabolism while working your core. The magic happens with a commitment to stick to the plan for all over November if you practice this every day. Let's get moving again and focus forward onto becoming the strongest, happiest version of ourselves in the next 4 weeks!

Free Monthly Fitness Calendars

Quick, bookmark this blog's fitness calendar category because each month you'll find a totally new and FREE fitness calendar right here on Eat Nourish Glow the blog. There is even a private support chat on Whatsapp, click here.

I highly recommend you try the monthly fitness calendar with a few mummy friends and make a friendly competition out of it for accountability. Post and share your sweat sessions on Facebook ( be sure to tag me with @eatnourishglowau if you do). You can even text each other to remind one another to get moving each day, especially when you don't feel like it. Some of my mama clients have even met up in the park with their bubs and kids, and done their workouts together. If you work out together, this can be a game changer!

Want more accountable, you can join my Facebook support group to do this plan with others on their health and wellness journey. I've made this so super easy because I know how hectic and exhausting motherhood can be, and I want you to look and feel your very best.

You won’t need any equipment for this calendar and you can do all of my fitness calendars from the comfort of your own home. Soooo, you ready to do this?!

November Abs + Core Fitness Calendar

How To Get Started

All you have to do is click the link or image above. The November Abs + Core Fitness Calendar download is instant and comes in standard PDF format (so make sure your have Adobe Reader or equivalent to view). Then all you need to do is follow these easy peasy steps...

Step #1

Download and print your copy. Choose what time of day you are going to use your workout. Program this into your phone as a non-negotiable appointment with yourself, and then ask a friend or two to join you for accountability. This is so important!

Step #2

Before you workout, be sure to grab a water bottle to keep hydrated. Drink water between the rounds but only in small sips just enough to satisfy. (Too much water can make you feel bloated or nauseated when working hard). Rest for 2 minutes between rounds, then repeat the set. (A round is the complete set of exercises completed in sequence).

Step #3

Follow the fitness plan completing at least 1-2 rounds each day depending on your fitness level. If you've lost your fitness or are a total beginner, don't worry; just start with one round and work your way up to two. Push yourself. If you are fairly fit already, aim to complete 2-4 rounds for each day's workout. Again, push yourself out your comfort zone and really work up a sweat. By the end of the month you should be completing at least 2-3 rounds.

Don't forget... once you complete the day's workout, be sure to cross it off on the sheet. This is such a satisfying feeling and can also help you keep track of how consistent you are with the 30 day plan.

You may also like to grab my 7 Day Fat-Burning Smoothie eBook to use while doing this month's fitness calendar. The recipe book is jam-packed with deeply nourishing smoothie recipes and a full 7 day Meal Plan all geared towards support healthy weight loss!

Psst... I wanna know, what are your goals between now and Christmas?! Tell me in the comments!

Healthy + happiness,

Emma xox

Get the support you need to make your goals happen...

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Nov 13, 2021

Hi Em... just wanted to share how much I am enjoying this!!! Thank you for all you do for us mamas!!! Can't wait for the smoothie book... I'm going to totally own my health this holidays (unlike last year was a disaster!) ... Hannah 😍


Nov 13, 2021

Just grabbed it (two weeks late) but started yesterday and loving it!) Thanks so much Emma Lisa!!! xx Lily 🥰😁


Nov 01, 2021

Oh my goodness I just saw this on your Instagram how do I not notice these before? Just grabbed my copy, yay!! - Jill 😁


Oct 31, 2021

Just printed my copy and excited to hit the park with a few of my mummy friends! Thanks so much Emma!! 🔥


Oct 29, 2021

Hey Em, loving these freebie fitness plans! Abs is just what I want to work on this month to get beach ready for the holidays! Thanks hun, Kimmy xx

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