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What Kind Of Eater Are You?

Understanding your relationship with food can help you make healthier choices and feel more in control of your diet. That's why we've created a "What Kind of Eater Are You" quiz specifically for women over forty who are overweight. By answering a few simple questions, you'll get a better sense of your eating patterns and habits. Whether you're an adventurous eater, a mindful eater, or a traditional eater, this quiz can help you gain insight into your relationship with food and take steps towards a healthier, happier you.



It's time to end the struggle and enjoy food again!

We learn emotional eating patterns, often in childhood, and can go on to use food as a reward, for comfort, or even as self-punishment.
It's not always that easy to "unlearn" these patterns of emotional eating, but with the right support, it certainly is possible. Knowing why and how you eat can help you make positive changes and improve your relationship with food.

Take the Quiz

When you're at a restaurant, what do you usually order?

a) Whatever looks most interesting on the menu
b) Something healthy and light
​c) A big, hearty meal

Do you often eat until you feel uncomfortably full?

a) No, I stop eating when I'm full
b) Sometimes, but not often
c) Yes, I often eat until I feel stuffed

How often do you eat when you're not hungry?

a) Almost never
b) Occasionally, when something looks really good
c) Often, especially when I'm feeling emotional

Do you find yourself craving specific foods when you're feeling upset?

a) No, I don't usually have specific cravings
b) Sometimes, but it's not a consistent pattern
c) Yes, I often crave specific comfort foods when I'm feeling emotional

How often do you eat alone?

a) Almost never, I prefer to eat with others
b) Occasionally, but I don't mind eating alone
c) Often, I prefer to eat alone so I can indulge without judgment

When you're feeling down, do you find that eating makes you feel better

a) Not really, it doesn't make much of a difference
b) Sometimes, but it's not a consistent pattern
c) Yes, eating comfort foods makes me feel better when I'm feeling down

How often do you use food as a reward or treat?

a) Almost never
b) Occasionally, but not often
c) Often, I use food as a way to reward myself or celebrate

Do you feel guilty or ashamed after eating certain foods?

a) No, I don't have any guilt or shame around food
b) Occasionally, but not often
c) Yes, I often feel guilty or ashamed after indulging in certain foods

How often do you eat out of boredom?

a) Almost never, I have plenty of things to do
b) Occasionally, when I don't have anything else to do
c) Often, I eat out of boredom more often than not

When you're feeling emotional, do you find it hard to resist certain foods

a) No, I can usually resist any food temptation
b) Sometimes, but not always
c) Yes, when I'm feeling emotional it's hard for me to resist certain comfort foods

DISCLAIMER: This quiz if not intended to diagnose, advise or treat emotional eating, or any eating disorders. If you suspect you may have an eating disorder or need help, please contact your GP to begin the process of healing.


So, What Kind Of Eater Are You?

Knowing your eating style can prove very helpful in uncovering those little bad habits you may not even be aware of that could be interfering with your goals.

Mostly A's:

You seem to have a healthy relationship with food and do not rely on eating as an emotional crutch. You may have other healthy coping mechanisms in place for dealing with stress or emotions. Keep up the good job!

Mostly C's:

You seem to rely on food as a way to cope with emotions and may struggle with overeating or making unhealthy food choices. You may benefit from seeking support from a therapist or counselor to develop healthier coping mechanisms and habits around food.

Mostly B's:

You may have some emotional eating tendencies, but it's not a consistent pattern for you. You may benefit from practicing mindful eating and identifying other healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with emotions.

Did You Struggle With This?

If you found this quiz eye-opening or felt a little triggered by it, please don't fret. Awareness is the first (and most courageous step) in beginning to turn things around. If you'd like to talk about it in a safe, private consult, book here.
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