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Go Low Crab The Healthy, Wholefood Way.. The Low Carb Cookbook is filled with of densely nutritious, wholefood recipes that perfect for those wishing to adopt a low carb lifestyle. Each recipe was created by a qualified Nutritionist and uses wholesome ingredients without compromising taste.




Inside the Low Carb Cookbook you'll find over 25+ delicously nutritious low carb breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. These low carb recipes are specifically chosen to boost your nutrient intake while transitioning into a low carb eating plan. The cookbooks provides healthy alterntiaves and wholefood-based swaps for common favorities and is filled with meal planning and meal prep ideas and recommonedations.


"Emma just a quick note to say thanks. Your low carb recipe plan has been so helpful in getting me closer to my fitness goals. Appreciate the effort you put into the meal plan, its tacked up on my fridge and so easy to follow. Great job!"

- Rick H. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Been loving these recipes so much, Emma! Best part is knowing that you wrote these so I can trust they are properly balanced and I am getting good nutrition while trying to lose weight. Been sharing with friends, so good! Loving how I am now feeling!!!"

- Lara S. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ready to experience a healthier, lighter, more energised you fuelled by plants? Purchase your copy of the Low Carb Cookbook & Meal Plan today


Healthy Low Carb Cookbook & Meal Plan

  • The Low Carb Cookbook provides densely nutritious recipes from low carb ingredients to help you rebalance your body weight, improve gut health and eat healthier and cleaner. Includes 20+ recipes with meal planning tips and recipe variations,

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