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The Healthy Habits Lab Teaching How To Make New Habits That Stick

If you found that you lost your sparkle in 2022, then here is something you can get excited about! A New Year is now here and I am about to share 3 super simple tips, you can do this week to take back your health (and sparkle). These principles bite-size, easy to implement and can be found as part of my Healthy Habits Lab 2023 program...let's learn!

The Healthy Habits Lab Teaching How To Make New Habits That Stick  |  Eat Nourish Glow
The Healthy Habits Lab Teaching How To Make New Habits That Stick | Eat Nourish Glow

In 2023 I want to make sure each and every one of my readers succeed at those big health goals (whether you are a client or not). So, I am sharing three super simple habits that are the foundation of good health. These are so simple, that you might even dismiss them as making any difference, but wait... they do!

Your well-being is bult on a foundation of the wellness habits you practice every single day. For example, you brush your teeth to help maintain good dental hygiene, gum health and prevent cavities, right? You shower daily to clean and refresh your skin and hair. And these habits help you look and feel your best, right?

So, you've already experienced how maintaining small daily habits works towards helping you live a healthier, happier and better life. This means, you can do it again with new habits if you follow a few helpful guidelines which I have outlined below.


What Works Well & Is Repeatable?

FIRSTLY, I want you to look back over 2022 and figure out what habits were the most helpful for you in the past? What did you notice that made a big (or even a little difference) in how you looked, felt and moved? These are the things you managed to make stick, and are activities or actions that added to the healthy lifestyle you are working to build for yourself.

Make A List

Write everything down. Make a list of what worked, and what didn't in 2022. Then, I want you to start focusing doing more of the things that made a difference for you in 2023. If you were able to master them once, you can do it again--and good news--twice as fast!

Put these healthy habits (no matter how small) into your schedule, put them on post-it notes and tack up all around your home, office, car and personal spaces to help remind you to practice these habits. If they have helped you in positive ways make change in the past, then start doing them again.

Scale Back To Basics

SECOND, simplify things and go back to basics. Are you getting enough sleep, water, movement every day, and eating her food-based meals? If not, start here and begin practicing these healthy habits each and every day for the next month. Its easy to dismiss the simple things, but don't! These are your foundation to a happier, healthier self and need to become simply automatic every day. Save your energy for the harder things to master.

Ignite Your Spark

LASTLY… if you have lost your sparkle you need to start doing the things that you know will light you up inside. Oftentimes when we feel flat, its because we've been running on the hamster wheel of Life for too long, holding our breath to just get through the day. STOP!

The time is NOW to kick off 2023 and start really living your best Life!!

Re-ignite your spark and start doing more joyous activities again. Choose things that bring you happiness, inspiration and motivation. Start surrounding yourself with more up-lifting, positive people. People who will cheer you on, pick up you and really encourage you to become and maintain your best self. Create a bubble of positivity all around you.

We do this for each other in my free Eat Nourish Glow Community, its free to join. Come surround yourself with other women on their health journeys and let' us lift you up so you can become the happiest and a healthier version of you!

If you have been struggling, I hope these simple tips help you make some positive changes in the next few days. Reach out for free 15-Minute Chat or come join my new Healthy Habits Lab Program. We'd love to have you living your best Life in 2023!!


The Healthy Habits Lab In One You'll Absolutely Love...

My Practitioner-led program is ideal for you if you want a non-diet approach, with simple solutions to help you create lasting, lifelong health habits that actually stick!


✅ you want to adopt better lifestyle habits with the guided support of a Practitioner–but without having to commute to a clinic for appointments.

✅ you want a proven method that shows you exactly how to make healthy choices and naturally rebalance your body weight without restrictive or fad dieting.

✅ you want a practical plan that is repeatable, re-usable and easily fits even the busiest of lifestyles without weighing down to your already bursting to-do list

✅ you're ready for massive change and are highly motivated to try a fresh approach that has a proven track record of getting people lasting results!

COME JOIN IN and receive the personalised support you need to set up your goals, create new habits and see your goals to reality through 1:1 Practitioner Coaching! Over the 6 weeks, you'll be provided with all the individual support, inspiration and practical knowledge you need to make habits become part of your new normal!

WANT IN? Tell me why in the comments...

Healthy + happiness,

Emma Lisa xx


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Jan 07, 2023

Sound great, I'd love to be a part of it because I can never stick to my NY resolutions and it'd make such a difference to me if I could. Help!

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