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5 Ways To Use Essential Oils To De Stress & Regain Emotional Control

Apart from smelling absolutely amazing, essential oils can work some serious magic on your mood, energy levels and overall well-being to help you regain emotional control with life throws you lemons. Just a few whiffs or a dab can quickly derail run-away emotions, anxiety, and help bring you back to a more centred space. Let me share with you how the natural healing power of plant extracts can be a lifesaver...

5 Ways To Use Essential Oils To De Stress & Regain Emotional Control
5 Ways To Use Essential Oils To De Stress & Regain Emotional Control

How Essential Oils Work

Apart from smelling absolutely lovely, essential oils can work some serious magic on your mood, energy levels and overall well-being. When the scent of from oils are inhaled, the healing properties pass through the nostrils to the olfactory bulb, which stimulates the limbic system. This is often called the 'emotional brain', the part of the brain where your emotions and memories are stored. The olfactory receptors are tiny hairs called cilia in the olfactory epithelium and are easily stimulated by aromas.

When you breathe in essential oils, your body responds by releasing all sorts of brain chemicals and hormones such as endorphins which aid relaxation, and serotonin which has a calming and pleasurable effect. Many researchers have studied the effects of essential oils on the brain and cognitive function, and have detected areas of the brain that actually “light up” from inhaling essential oils. This natural phenomenon is easy to use to your advantage in times of high or chronic stress.

Although essential oils are typically inhaled for their therapeutic properties, you can also be use them in diffusers and humidifiers, as well as diluted with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond, Fractionated Coconut or Jojoba and applied to the skin.

Below are five suggestions on how you can use the healing powers of essential oils to de stress, calm your emotions and find inner peace again.*

#1 Repair Your Immune System

Yes, your mood and immune system are totally connected. When your body and emotional state are revving on high, this peaked state of frazzled compromises the immune system's ability to fight off antigens. This is when you can become run down and far more susceptible to colds, flu and infections. If you are feeling stress like this on a daily basis, it can also elevate levels of the stress hormone corticosteroid which can trigger a suppressive effect on the immune system. Its a negative double whammy. Not only are you feeling stressed out from so much to do, then you can get sick and your stress rises over having to take time out to get better.

Aromatherapy can help two-fold to decrease your stress levels and boost the immune system's ability to fight off illness and combat stress. There are several ways you can choose to do this, or try a combination of them all. Diffuse an antiseptic oil in the air to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens. Add 6-8 drops to your diffuser. Or use the Mini Mister Diffuser on-the-go, my favourite.

Suggested Oils

Many of these same immune boosting oils (see below) also help to improve your mood and re-instil calm at the same time. Try a rollerball oil such as ECO. Little Strength or Protect & Calm Trio, two of my personal faves. Even having a warm bath with a few drops from some of these oils can help clear sinuses, unclutter the stressed out, overthinking mind and help you reclaim a sense of wellness and calm.

Lavender essential oil has relaxing and healing qualities, and improves sleep, lowers emotional stress and improves your overall well-being. Rosemary and Eucalyptus are both useful to clear sinuses and treat flu bugs, influenza, throat infections and bronchitis. Peppermint is can be used for headaches, as a lymphatic stimulant and can give sinus relief from colds. Ginger is very useful if you are experiencing a lack of motivation and passion, are feeling burnt-out or emotionally distant. Its warming properties will help rebalance your energy and mood.


#2 Calm Anxiety Before It Happens

As a Health Practitioner, I am forever looking at preventative ways to help my clients find optimum health. Sometimes that means warding off and working to prevent health events or issues from arising in the first place. With anxiety and stress, there are many things you can do to minimise the effects using oils.

Aromatherapy can effectively be used to help you cope and deal with emotions triggered by anxiety, depression and other mental conditions.* If you are a chronic overthinker and suffer from stress related anxiety, try a wooden clothespin dabbed with some of the below mentioned oils and place it on your air vents to breathe in calming effects. I love doing this on the way to school or for school pick ups. It helps my ADHD daughter find calm on busy mornings or after school. You can also use a diffuser or wear the oils with near instant results. Rubbing a little on a handmade linen sachet bag and tucked under a pillow at bedtime can also work wonders.

Suggested Oils

Three of my favourite essential oils to help unwind and destress are Lemongrass, Lemon and Lavender used as a trio blend like this one. These three essential oils can help alleviate stress, clear the mind and uplift mood. You can use them together in a room diffuser, mini mister diffuser like this one, or as a blended oil in a rollerball applied on your wrists. Vetiver oil is another essential oil that has been used to help treat anxiety, runaway emotions and even ADHD with its earthy, grounding properties.

Two of my other favourite recommendations are Jasmine oil, which soothes ragged nerves and may help you with depression. Tangerine oil which is like a sensory refresher for the mind and can also help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. You can find a full list of my recommended anxiety and calming, emotional destressing oils here.

#3 Overcome Moodiness & Anger From Stress

Sometimes when we are living in overdrive and feeling fed up and frustrated, anger can flare in even the calmest of people. This is perfectly normal, however if happens a little too often essential oils can be used to combat this moodiness. For instance, anger can be gently alleviated with a little Jasmine and Sweet Orange oils, or the trio blend, Mindful Moment, when used in a mini mister diffuser or rollerball application. Just a few whiffs can help re-instill calm and take the edge off a stressful moment with screaming kids; it'll even work for them!

Suggested Oils

I highly recommend Bergamot oil if you struggle with feelings of anger and frustration on the regular. This oil also doubles as an appetite stimulant, so if you are one to eat your emotions, a dab of this citrusy oil can truly make a big difference. The Zen Blend is another excellent oil combo with Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender and Vetiver. The warm soothing scents can aid grounding, melt stress and help can restore you from feelings of aggression and anger to inner calm.

#4 De Stress With Self-Care Essential Oils

Part of managing stress every day is practicing regular self-care. However, for many exhausted women and mums, this is easier said than done. There's so little time in the day for yourself. One way I help mothers find time and begin a self-care routine is by taking a 2-5 minute time out a few times in the day. Maybe its just when bubba goes down for her morning nap, or when the twins are happy on the trampoline. Using a mini mist diffuser, I have my client inhale a custom blend from the Women's Wellness Collection, focus on herself for that 2-5 minutes and breathe. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to shift your mood, release stress and recharge.

Suggested Oils

Try Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Geranium in a rollerball, diffuser or applied in a carrier oil to your wrists and temples. Individually they are prized for their unique emotionally uplifting qualities and considered powerful essential oils that should be a part of your day.

#5 Banish Irritability With Essential Oils

Irritability can crop up from a number of issues that occur throughout the day. It may be the stress of deadlines at work, the pressure of the day’s work or raising the kids, or any other stressful event that triggers you. Using essential oils can help you maintain emotional control even when you have legitimate stressors in your life. Although stress should be nurtured emotionally, it can be a base cause for irritability in your life by taking it out on your family and friends. The aroma from essential oils can help calm your nerves and bring you a positive attitude even on the low days.

Suggested Oils

Blended oils can be a powerful tonic used to ease the effects of stress, irritability and anxiety. An oil such a Anxiety Blend, combines Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense essential oils which help reduce nervous tension, squash the grumps and relieve symptoms of mild anxiety.

Chamomile, Lavender, and Sweet Orange (Neroli) are another three primary essential oils that bring calm to your body and mind. Although they can be used separately, combine them for an ultimately potent mix of powerful oils that will remove your irritability almost instantly. Each of these essential oils are highly revitalizing even without the combination of the others. However, using them in combination can create a potent effect to help you deal with emotional issues and remove the irritability that can bring more stress into your life.


De Stress With Essential Oils

Practising a little at home aromatherapy using essential oils offers so many wonderful health benefits from self-care to stress relief. To recap, the most common way to use essential oils is to inhale them, either directly out of the bottle or by using a room diffuser or humidifier. You can also dilute essential oils with a carrier oil and apply it directly your skin. You can even get a little creative and add your favourite blends to your body wash, shampoo, or the bath. Just be sure tread lightly with essential oils, especially when you first start using them. Less is always more, and watch out for any adverse reactions.

So if you find yourself reaching for your fifth cup of coffee, a sugary cola, or energy drink to boost your mood, cope with stress and fatigue, you might try boosting your energy with an essential oil instead.

Optional: Aromatherapy Subscription Boxes

Gift yourself the healing powers of essential oils with this Health Practitioner's approved and naturally sourced Aussie brand. I personally use these oils in my health clinic to treat all kinds of ailments and help clients find harmony once again. ECO Essential Oils makes it super easy to support your own wellness with their Oil Club and Ritual Box.

ORDER SUBSCRIPTION BOX: You'll receive PETA Vegan and Cruelty-Free essential oils plus some exclusive extras delivered bi-monthly or quarterly right to your front door. Experiment with new oils, heal yourself naturally and replenish your aromatherapy collection right in the comfort of your home.

*DISCLAMIER: Before trying anything new, it is always advisable that you first check with your GP to see if you may be allergic to any of the oils or remedies suggested. This blog post does not replace the care and advice of your treating physical or health practitioner. When in doubt, check it out.

Health + happiness,

Emma Lisa xx

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