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Success Planning & Creating Your 90-Day Plan

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Please have your workbook open and a notepad handy while you watch the video.

Success Planning & Creating Your 90-Day Plan

In Week 6, we'll review and take stock of what you have learned so far, and begin success planning to keep up your momentum. Be sure to tune into the Zoom Session and our Celebration Party!

Reflection Exercise

Building success at anything takes time and effort. So, as we wrap up our last week together, I want to set you up to succeed long after this program has finished. You've already worked with the tools and put many key components of good habit building into action. All these strategies you've applied will only serve to strengthen your success. You can refer back to these strategies at any time. Then hit reset to reuse the system and methods over and over again, not just with your health goals, but any goal in Life.

In Week 6, we'll reflect on all the lessons thus far, and plan ahead for future success with Success Planner. Moving forward, you'll be able to on all the tools you've used already to keep momentum. And every so often, you'll also have the tools to reassess, recalibrating and fine tuning your efforts to meet your health and wellness goals for Life.

Don't forget to come hang in the Members Group where we further can support your journey. Look for Week 6 posts and join the conversation on our weekly Zoom discussion session.

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Biggest ah-has, or first things you are going to be putting into action? Share yours in the comments below or hop in the Members Group on Facebook and let's keep learning!
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