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How To Skillfully Avoid Slip-Ups & Setbacks

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Please have your workbook open and a notepad handy while you watch the video.

How To Skillfully Avoid Slip-Ups & Setbacks

In Week 5, you'll learn how to overcome slip-ups and get back on track quickly. You'll also learn how to prevent these setbacks from happening in the first place.

Reflection Exercise

Oh the dreaded slip-up! Whenever you've been on a roll and unexpectedly hit a snag, it can really make you wobble and fear just throwing in the towel--but don't! Habits and routines go hand in hand. Any interruptions can threaten to derail your efforts, but you need to waste no time in getting right back at it. Setbacks and slip-ups are all part of the journey with creating new lifestyle habits. The first thing to do is accept the slip, and the second is to simply restart and get back on the horse again.

In clinic, I view setbacks as something to get excited about. Why? It's an opportunity to pivot and reassess your journey so far. What can you fine tune and what cracks can you plug up to bulletproof the new habit? A setback can be an incredible teachable moment IF you stay positive and keep your eye on the prize (not the slip-up). Observe, analyse, learn and keep going!

📥 In your Week 5 Workbook, you'll find a handy Slip-Up Prevention Plan worksheet to help you prevent slip-ups from happening in the first place. And if they do happen (we are all human after all) you'll know exactly what needs to take place to get back on track - and fast! Be sure to look out for Week 5 posts in the Members Group and join the conversation on our weekly Zoom discussion.

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Biggest ah-has, or first things you are going to be putting into action? Share yours in the comments below or hop in the Members Group on Facebook and let's keep learning!
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