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Create An Action Plan & Weekly Planner

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Please have your workbook open and a notepad handy while you watch the video.

Create An Action Plan & Weekly Planner

In Week 2, you'll be learning about Action Planning and how to create your very own Weekly Action Plan. We'll then use the plan to create new habits and touch base on our weekly Zoom Session to further support your efforts in building new, healthy habits.

Reflection Exercise

A goal without a plan is just a this week we are going to take the goals we identified in Week 1 and add them to an Action Plan. This strategically crafted plan is made up of a checklist of tasks that are required to master a new habit or achieve a specific result.

In clinic, I use action plans to help clients structure their goals in itemised detail. This then becomes a workable wellness plan that can be then broken down further, into smaller, bite-size tasks that easily fit into a daily routine. Action plans make big challenging goals far more manageable and digestible for super busy lifestyles.

📥 In your Week 2 Workbook, you'll first brainstorm and take stock of what is working well and what isn't. This exercise highlights the things you need to stop and start doing towards your goal. Afterwards you'll flesh out exactly what needs to change to reach your goals by coming up with new healthy habits and ideas to try. Then, we'll put all this together on your Weekly Action Planner so you have a visual plan to work from moving forward.

Be sure to look out for Week 2 posts in the Members Group and join the conversation or on the Chat. We'll have further discussions on these methods and an open Q&A session on our weekly group Zoom call. Look forward to chatting to you then!

ADD-ON 30-MIN SESSION: (optional) Want one-on-one support? Add a private 1:1 coaching session or two to help you work through the teachings with direct support from the Practitioner. Sessions can be booked at any time by tapping the Booking tab (see left). Use Coupon Code: 15OFFHHL.
Biggest ah-has, or first things you are going to be putting into action? Share yours in the comments below or hop in the Members Group on Facebook and let's keep learning!
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