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Challenge Series: 10 Ridiculously Delicious & Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Simply Must Try

In my practice, my programs are centred around becoming more aware of the nutritious value of the foods we eat. In today's recipe roundup, I've gathered some deliciously good breakfast ideas bursting with dietary fibre, antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that women need to consume every day for optimum health.

Most of these yummy recipes are surprisingly quick and easy to make, and all are densely nutritious. I challenge you to try all ten over the next two weeks. Then come share your experience in the Facebook support group. Let's dive in!

Challenge Series: 10 Ridiculously Delicious & Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Simply Must Try
Challenge Series: 10 Ridiculously Delicious & Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Simply Must Try

Nourishing with a healthy, protein balanced breakfast has been proven to limit food cravings, help to improve your energy levels, and your ability to concentrate for the bulk of the day. A nutritionally balanced meal first thing in the morning can also help with weight management, reduced the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and help prevent heart disease in the long term.

But don't just take my word for it, researchers from a 2013 study on young women published in the American Journal of Nutrition, reported that regularly consuming a healthy, wholefood breakfast led to "..beneficial alterations in the appetitive, hormonal, and neural signals that control food , intake regulation.” A larger study investigated the impact of eating breakfast on weight gain and consistently found that those who regularly eat breakfast had better protection against becoming overweight or obese than breakfast-skippers.

So, after waking and enjoying a glass of lemon water, its time to tuck into some of these super healthy meal ideas that not only nourish deeply but also taste so good!

Who wouldn't want to start the day with a banana split, right? I promise you won't miss the ice cream and unhealth sugary toppings with this recipe by food blogger, Jennifer Krijnen. She's created a divinely delicious and healthy spin on the dish with antioxidant-rich berries, protein from yoghurt and high-fibre granola mixed with seeds. This brekkie will keep you feeling full and satisfied all morning.

Check out these other mouth-watering banana split recipes to try:

Healthy Berry Coconut Banana Berry Split by A La Inga
Healthy Berry Coconut Banana Berry Split by A La Inga

Remember you can mix the ingredients and even use other fruits such as mango, papaya, and melons as a substitute for banana. See what you can come up with using what you have on hand already.

Hell yeah, you can have chocolate for breakfast, you just need to use the healthy kind. As Hannah the recipe creator says, this recipe tastes like dessert but when you look at the ingredients it all the good-for-you stuff.

Oats are naturally loaded with dietary fibre (more than many other breakfast grains) and provide healthy cholesterol-lowering properties. Eating oats regularly improves your overall diet quality, as well as nourishes gut health and boosts your general metabolic health. In this recipe, oats are paired with cocoa powder (I prefer using raw cacao, which can be substituted), high-fibre, omega-3 rich chia seeds and topped with antioxidant-rich berries. This makes a delicious nutritious breakfast you can enjoy even with a few chochy chips!

Try these guiltless chocolatey oatmeal and porridge recipes:

Raspberry, Cacao, Quinoa & Oat Porridge by Healthy Twists
Raspberry, Cacao, Quinoa & Oat Porridge by Healthy Twists

One of the best time-savers is making a batch of oatmeal and portioning it for breakfast. When you need some, defrost and toss a heap of fresh berries on top for a super simple brekkie that's ready in less than 3 minutes.

Nothing screams an Aussie breakfast like avocado on toast. Its quick, easy and super nutritious--if you are choosy with the bread. Many loaves you may find at the shops are highly processed and much of the nutrition is milled out in the manufacturing process. To find a high quality bread high in essential nutrients and dietary fibre you may need to visit a bakery or shop the health food aisle for an artisan style bread.

Try my favourite avocado toast recipes:

Are you salivating yet? Avo is an Aussie staple and whether you smash it or slice it, this healthy fat makes such a super healthy spread or sandwich filling. Make sure you check out all the above recipes for some fresh twists on traditional avo toast.

If you are fully dairy-free like myself, then Coconut "yogurt" is a popular vegan and totally dairy-free alternative. Many people steer away from coconut as it is naturally high in saturated fats. However, fortified coconut products have many of the same micronutrients as dairy (including calcium) and some potassium, zinc, selenium, and B-vitamins.

More super simple and dessert-like yoghurt parfaits recipes:

Healthy Kiwi Parfait with Greek Yogurt by Muy Delish
Healthy Kiwi Parfait with Greek Yogurt by Muy Delish

Don't forget the toppings when making yoghurt parfaits. I believe food should be pretty, so take some inspiration from these and top with a drizzle of this and that, fresh berries, crushed nuts and even my favourite, edible flowers.

Smoothies are the perfect quick breakfast and an opportunity to fill your guts with a heap of nutrition all in one feed. Stick to using low fat milk or plantbased and add a scoop or two of your favourite protein powder to provide a long lasting feed and balance blood sugar levels. I love basing my smoothies on banana, but you can use cauliflower, chia pudding, Greek or coyo yoghurts or even oats.

Give these nourishing smoothie recipes a go this week:

#6 - Nutritious Fruit & Vegetable Ice Pops

If you are always rushed to get yourself and the kids out the door week days, these densely nutritious ice pops are going to be your new best friend! Its a fabulous way to get those extra servings of fruit and veggies in little bellies, and yours.

Homemade and sugar-free (other than natural fructose), the pops are super easy to make and provide a heap of nutrition on one grab-and-go meal. When I have made them, I often add a little coconut or almond milk and a scoop of vegan protein to balance the nutrition and keep me feeling fuller for longer.

Try these nutrient-rich and refreshing brekkie pops recipes:

#7 - Breakfast Lettuce Cups

Wraps aren't often thought of as breakfast food but they are super quick and easy to make when you are in a hurry. This recipe is positively perfect for summer on the BBQ and a mouth-watering combo of flavours for lazy weekend brekkie or prep ahead and enjoy during the work week. You can use prawns or chicken and cook it the night before, making it a cold gourmet breakfast that is super quick assemble on lettuce cups or low carb, whole grain wraps.

More easy lettuce wrap recipes:

Shhh...these low carb, high-fibre lettuce wrap recipes are my absolute favourite meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I just use whatever I have on hand and create something super quick and easy. Its so easy to scramble some eggs and add a slice of avocado of stuff hem with leftover taco mix. Brekkie is done in less than 2 minutes.

#8 - Superfood Chia Pudding Recipes

Chia seed pudding is so easy to make and packs some serious nutrition included fibre, protein, omerga-3s and is deliciously low carb. You can enjoy it with a hint of vanilla plain, or flavour it with all kinds of superfood powders like acai, blue spirulina, match or raw cacao.

Give these stunning chia pudding recipes a try:

Chia, Acai and Strawberry Layered Breakfast Jar by The Awesome Green
Chia, Acai and Strawberry Layered Breakfast Jar by The Awesome Green

Imagine waking up to the fruit platter board! This might be something you try on the weekends when you have more time to meal prep, but its well worth trying. Fruit provides a heap of essential vitamins and minerals, dietary fibre, and is needed for good gut health. Choosing produce that is rich in these phytonutrients makes for a deeply nourishing breakfast. You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest.

My favourite fruit platter recipes for you to try:

Add a little protein to your breakfast fruit platter with serving of Greek or coconut yoghurt, smoothie di or one like this fruity yoghurt-based dip. Kids and adults alike love dipping their fruit and making breakfast more life having dessert.

Papaya Fruit Boats with Grain Free Granola by Spicy Ice Cream
Papaya Fruit Boats with Grain Free Granola by Spicy Ice Cream

#10 - Superfood & Healthy Pancakes

Pancakes are an excellent breakfast that allows you to control the ingredients, and server them any number of ways. I love making gluten-free pancakes using oats, coconut flour or just protein powder and bananas. You can easily add spinach, superfood powders and other beneficial ingredients liek chia seeds, LSA, flax meal to boost the nutrition. Such an easy brekkie that the whole family will love!

Try these deeply nourishing superfood pancake recipes:

Healthy Matcha Pancakes by Natalie's Health
Healthy Matcha Pancakes by Natalie's Health

Low-Carb Blackberry Fruit Pancake Recipe

I hope you have found these recipes and suggestions useful. Meal planning can be a game changer in helping you eat better and stick to your nutrition goals.

Healthy + happiness,



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