Hello, Guest Bloggers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Guest Blogger at Eat Nourish Glow. We are a Sydney-based health clinic and wellness blog exclusively for women aged 25-50 with a focus on healthy living for busy mums. We blog about how to nourish and love your body (at any size) through intuitive eating, wholefood nutrition, and daily self-care... let's collaborate!!!

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The Brief

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We’re looking for Aussie Mums (but not exclusively) who have started a passion-filled business with blogs, services and/or products that support women and mothers on their health and wellness journey. We are building a female only social network of incredible business owners, coaches, foodies, and wellness advocates with the intention of leveraging one another's social reach in a jointly reciprocal community.


Our ideal Guest Blogger will have some blogging experience but it is not a strict requirement if you are a total newbie (we'll teach you how and provide an easy template). You must be able to provide a well-written article with good grammar skills that provides a lot of value and free tips to the reader without sounding like a sales pitch. 


Exposure & Repurposing Content


We regularly share and repurpose our blog posts to our social channels such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook page and women network groups as well our own group. This regularly includes links to new and older blog posts in our stories, challenge groups and monthly email newsletter. We also run several email campaigns that backlink to the blog on topics of interest to our female only audience. Our blog is the main hub and resource for all our social activity and we want to expand to include fellow mumprenures just like you in a thriving reciprocal community!!

Submission Requirements


As a Guest Blogger, we require you to share your guest posts (hosted at no charge to you) on the Eat Nourish Glow blog to your own social channels creating a reciprocal loop of exposure to new audiences. The more times you contribute, the more exposure you will receive as we share and increase our audiences with one another. In return for your content, we will strategically place your products within the blog post by deep-linking to your social channels and product website(s). This gives you the opportunity to share your story behind the products in a real-life more personable and relatable manner. Remember, these are not a sales posts! Sharing women’s stories and support each other on Life's journey is our end goal while we build a positive, like-minded and supportive community.
As the Guest Blogger community grows, we'll have more opportunities to collaborate collectively and provide increased exposure for each other to non-completing audiences. Future plans are a Women's Collective (hosted right here) dedicated to showcasing Aussie small business mums and their products (think a micro Etsy without all the fees). We also plan on featuring Guest Bloggers in monthly Product Reviews & Recommendation Posts, and of course, offer Ad Space at affordable low prices inside blog posts or sidebar. It's a win-win!
Submission Formats
You can submit articles, listicles, how-to guides, product reviews, beginner's guides, etc. or if you have another idea, let's hear about it! Some of best and easiest to compose blog posts to write are list format that are quick read, share heaps of valuable tips and of course, softly mention your product benefits. Some great titles to grab attention using the above formats include:
  • 10 Tips For [your product] That Reduce Stress Within Minutes You May Have Never Considered
  • How [the life changing benefit] Using [your product] Helps [describe type] Mums Over 40
  • Why You Need [product name] In Your Life & [how it changed your customer/client's life]
  • 10 [secret/simple/easy/clever etc] Ways To _____ Using [your product] For [describe niche] Mums
  • The Secrets Of [describe who your product helps] Every Woman Should Know.”
  • This Mum Tried [your product] And Her Life Change [describe how] & Yours Can Too! 
  • Why Self-Care Is So Important When You Are A [type you relate to] Mum
  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew About {your product niche] Before I [negative experience]
  • How I Made Self-Care [fill in the blank]  & It Helped Me Learn To [fill in blank]



Product Promotion


The products/services shared within guest posts MUST BE directly related to women's needs such as self-care, women's health, or supporting healthy habits and lifestyle, women's fitness or mental wellness. The spirit and bulk of all guest posts are to highlight a common problem area and how your product or service solves the problem while you educate, inspire and give value to other mums on their wellness journey. 


Sample Posts


Here are few examples with products shared in a high value post (that are not salesy) but do share product links. This is our preferred tone for guest posts which include products.



Are you interested in working together to make a difference while helping each other grow online?


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's collaborate!

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