Follow Up Coaching Sessions

Sometimes you just need to troubleshoot a few obstacles...
follow up sessions are just the thing you need!


Book In As Needed

Flexible Follow Up Sessions For Accountability & To Troubleshoot
Overcome Life's Little Obstacles & Keep Moving Forward With Your Health & Wellness Goals 
Book As Often As You Feel You Need To Support Your Big Changes
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Bust through plateaus and overcome obstacles with a razor-sharp follow up session...


Book one or more follow up sessions to push through obstacles, get quick answers and bulletproof your efforts.


As you acheive goals, you may want to revise your plan. Learn the small tweaks to increase your progress and keep seeing more results.


Check-in for accountability and on-going support. Book a session or text your practitioner any time on mobile or Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Follow Up Session For?

Once you start making lifestyle changes, other things can shift and need changing too. This is a normal part of adaptation and making improvements. Embrace it. The Follow Up Session is the perfect way to disucss how you are feeling about all of this, to troubleshoot any obstacles you've encountered, to tweak your Action Plan and keep you on the path to realising your health and wellness goals. If you want accountability or to pinpointing further changes to make, book yourself in for a 30-minute session.

Callencations & Rescheduling

A minimum of 48 hrs notice is required to cancel and reschedule coaching sessions. A new appointment time will be made subject the practitioner's schedule regarding the service orginally booked. In some cases, cancellation fees may apply. To avoid issues, please be available for your scheduled appointment time. If you answer late, you cannot make up the time as I have other clients in the queue each day. If you do not answer at your appointment time, you will be given a grace period of 5 minutes to get in touch. If no noticed is given, and you you miss your appointment, full cancellation fees apply.

How Do I Prepare For The Follow Up Session?

After you book a 30-minute Follow Up Session, all you need to do to prepare for the actual appointment, is to have your conerns ready to go plus a notepad and pen handy. As always, please be sure you make your appointment (and yourself) a top priority by finding a quiet space to answer the call away from the distraction of kids, pets or family. Remember, this call is all about YOU, so come ready to open up, share the struggle and make the necessary changes for real results.


This Session Is Designed For Those Who...

  • have encountered some obstacles and would like to discuss and troubleshoot them with the practitioner
  • achieved some goals and want to keep momentum by updating their Action Plan and add new items 
  • want ongoing accountability and check-ins without committing to a full 30 day or 3-month program
During your Follow Up session, we'll discuss your progress, brainstorm ideas and tweak your Action Plan as necessary. You can book 30 minute or 60 minute follow up sessions at any time depending on the things you'd like to discuss
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"I highly recommend!"

Emma, is such a amazing inspirational person. She has great knowledge and is soo friendly. Highly recommend Em. Thanks again for all your help and getting me back on track... loving my healthy lifestyle so much!

Smiling Mature Woman
"I lost 9kg overall!"

I had never worked with a health coach before, but I had tried everything else and just couldn't lose the baby weight. Emma's 4 Week Weight Loss Plan and coaching was the super easy plan this busy mum needed! I lost 9kg overall and love how it feels! So worth trying!

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"Amazing person and Coach!"

Fabulously practical advice with easy small changes that make a significant difference. Emma is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. A no fuss approach to making healthy choices for the long term.


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