You want answers...

Go from lost and confused by all the conflicting health information out there to crystal clear on what you actually need to do for your personal health and wellness goals...


60 Minute Clarity Call & Action Plan

1 Hour Telehealth Session To Discuss 1-3 Areas of Concern
Advice On Wellness Goal Setting & A Take Action Plan Moving Forward
Hang Up Knowing Exactly What To Do Next For Your Unique Health & Wellness Goals 
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Get the personal answers to your private health questions that you just can't find on Google...

60 Minute Session

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, and need help troubleshooting your wellness goals? Then this call is perfect for you.


Discuss your health challenges and walk away with a step-by--step 'Action Plan' to make your goals happen.


Get the support you deserve in a highly focused session that provides clarity and inspires real, timely action.


This Program Is Designed For Women Who...

  • know their health habits need to change but don't know where to start

  • want an easy to follow program to acheive their health and wellness goals

  • need that one-on-one personal support to get started


During your private session, we'll focus on any health or fitness issue you want so you hang up with a clearer sense of the changes you need to make and know exactly what to do next.

Sound like a great fit for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect On The Call?

During the 60-Minute Clarity Call, we'll focus on tackling any issue you want — whether it’s something healthwise that has been causing you stress, something you’ve continuously been putting off, or something you’re just seeking an outside opinion on. You may not be sure what you need help with; you just know your health habits need to change! If you have been feeling lost, overwhelmed, and need help troubleshooting and pinpointing the changes to make, this call is perfect for you. Ask anything.

What Happens After I Make A Booking?

After booking the 60-Minute Clarity Call, you will immediately receive an email with "action required'. You'll be directed to complete a Lifestyle & Wellness form to give your practitioner insight into your health and wellness status. You'll also find a Client Contact & Confidently form to fill out in order for your practitoner to work with you. This is legally and ethically required to ensure the utmost confidentiallity during the coaching relationship and outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. Both of these forms need to be submitted within 24 hrs of making your booking. In the email, you'll also be directed to the Wellness Library, an exclusive password protected vault exclusively for clients where you'll find digital files including coaching workbooks, forms, and other goodies to support your wellness journey.

What Exactly Is The Wellness Library?

Coaching is a jounrey and along the way its been my experince that clients benefit from "homework" in the form of wellness journalling, tracking and recording their food intake, self-care, sleep and fitnes to ensure thier success and effectively monitor progress. The Wellness Library is a password protected vault for (paying clients only) that houses many digital wellness files including coaching workbooks, wellness trackers, goal setting tips, self-relfection sheets, and a heap of free goodies. When you enroll in coaching, you''ll be sent the access code to explore this comprehnsive wellness tool.

Callencations & Rescheduling

A minimum of 48 hrs notice is required to cancel and reschedule coaching sessions. A new appointment time will be made subject the practitioner's schedule regarding the service orginally booked. In some cases, cancellation fees may apply. To avoid issues, please be available for your scheduled appointment time. If you answer late, you cannot make up the time as I have other clients in the queue each day. If you do not answer at your appointment time, you will be given a grace period of 5 minutes to get in touch. If no noticed is given, and you you miss your appointment, full cancellation fees apply.

How Do I Prepare For A Session?

After you book a 60-Minute Clarity Call, you will be sent an Action Requried email with a few small tasks that need to be completed prior to your session. These include 2 forms that need to be submitted withing 24 hours of making your inital booking. Both are mandatory to conduct a coaching session. To prepare for the actual appointment, please have a notepad and pen handy. Be sure you make your appointment (and yourself) a top priority by finding a quiet space to answer the call away from the distraction of kids, pets or family. Remember, this call is all about YOU, so come ready to open up, share the struggle and best of all, finally receive real solutions for positive change. On the 60-Minute Clarity Call, we will review your current wellness situation, the top 1-3 things what you would like to change, and discuss the actionable steps for new ways forward.

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Karen, Mum of 4, Melbourne

"Emma has a passion and drive for helping people with their health. She is real in her approach and inspiring. I highly recommend Emma."


Mandy, Mum of 2, Brisbane

Emma is so informative, professional and supportive. She is such a caring person and Coach promoting nutritional values and living a healthy lifestyle. Amazing person and Coach!

Image by Andriyko Podilnyk

Leah, Mum of 1, Sydney

"I met Emma off her Instagram. Reaching out to her was the best thing I ever did. Coaching me, she was so kind, emphatic and knowledgeable, and has helped me lose all my baby weight. I finally love my body again. Thanks Em!!"

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